Artist Statement

Whether carving a piece of wood, or engaged in a painting, I am personally motivated and inspired by attempting to represent a small piece of Nature. I love the thrill of carving a simple leaf or painting a humble scene, and to echo the sentiments of the great painter Charles Berninghaus: “Why paint anything unpleasant? “ The vast majority of my carving and painting efforts will be inspired by this belief and, hopefully, a small amount of the thrill and inspiration I felt in carving and painting will be suggested by spontaneous inflections attempting to embrace the moving target of Nature on the run.

In short, I am not seeking to trace the outside contour of any given style nor am I engaging in a ‘for-the-sake-of-novelty’ pursuit aimed at idiosyncratic delineation. My goal is to arrive at that mother-lode of inspiration that human beings throughout the ages have embraced via the portrayal of the eternal beauty of Nature.